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Introduction: Zip Necklace

Easiest zip necklace!!

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Step 1: Things You Need

  1. Gold plated safety pins (80) cost around $1
  2. Zip from any old (waste) trouser/pant.
  3. chain cost $2.

Step 2: Pinning the Safety Pins in the Zip!

  • Take the safety pins and pin it as near as possible to the zip but it shouldn't interfere in the zip.
  • The head of the zip should be facing out side.
  • Attach the pins in such a way that the zip can freely be opened and close,so when you wearing it,it will be easy for u to open it and wear.
  • Close the zip and pin the pins that will be more easy and less time consuming.

Step 3: Attaching the Chain.

First take 4 safety pins and attach them at the and of the zip.

  • Two on both side.
  • They should be vertical as show in photo.
  • Then put the chain through the both pins on one side
  • and other two on other side.

Step 4: Ready to Wear.

Step 5: Amazing! You Can Even Use It As Bracelet.Hurray

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    5 years ago

    wow!! its really cool idea..n it looks awsm..