Anddre111's KnEx Bow

Introduction: Anddre111's KnEx Bow

This is going to be my second Instructable ( or my first proper on, unlike my spelling) ;)

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Step 1: Get the Peices!

Step 2: X12

make 12 of these

Step 3: X5

make 5 of these

Step 4: X2

make 2 of these

Step 5: Get X12

Step 6: Get X12

No these are not greay rods, there yellow (blackish)

Step 7: Time to Conect Some Things

pic 1: put yellow rods in all 6 slots, along with the green conecters ( make 2)

pic 2: same as pic 1... (make 2)

pic 3: this is what you shuld end up haveing(add 2 white rods inbetween the middle of the body)

Step 8: Time for the Breacez

pic 1: this is what you should have

pic 2: make these braces

pic 3: put them on

pic 4: make 10 of these

pic 5: make 2 of these

pic 6: add them

Step 9: Last Thing to Add

pic 1: get these things

pic 2: put them together

pic 3: add it....


pic 1: Get your 4 rubber bands and loop them like so
( in the pic i am just showing you how to knot them with two)

pic 2: loop one band around the outher like so

pic 3: threed one end of the loop thourgh its self as shown

pic 4: pull it tight!

pic 5: rept the same prosess until you get this (also add some sort of tape around the noos's for safty resons, and trust me u dont want 2 find out why ; )

Step 11: LAST STEP!! XD

Put your rubber band one both sides of the bow


look at the dmg!!!!

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