Balloon Phone Case





Introduction: Balloon Phone Case

what you need you need a balloon and a smartphone

Step 1: Blow Small

1. blow your balloon as big as your smartphone

Step 2: Center

put your phone on the center of the balloon.

Step 3: Let It Go

let the balloon go

Step 4: Enjoy!

have fun

Step 5:



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    16 Discussions

    How for do we cut the balloon stem if we cutit at all?

    They actually have a website called balloon case now. I love the cool balloon case trick. Check them out now. I think they do smartphone cases for iphones and Samsung's

    Cool idea !!!

    Here is an example of how to make a Phone Case

    what about camera

    what about a phone with a camera??
    what to do then

    How do you make the balloon the size of your Phone? I'm confused

    How does this work? I didn't understand. :(

    ...ㅠㅠ sorry


    4 years ago

    Tried it didn't work any other suggestions?

    think the balloon is just wrapped. not inside.


    4 years ago

    is this like pressure? I do this as a magic effect but complete the phone into the balloon with the same effect. any ideas on the water in the balloon?

    The only reservation I have about this method is the water drops left from respiration. As we all know water and unprotected electronics are not the best of friends.

    So, you press your phone into the balloon as it goes down?