Cheap Handmade Cardboard Wood Frame for a LP

Introduction: Cheap Handmade Cardboard Wood Frame for a LP

Made an easy cheap handmade cardboard wood frame for a LP. It's very simple and fast, just follow the instructions. Hope you like it :). Please comment.

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Step 1: Materials

First, the materials:

2-A LP
3-Square cardboard
6-Thing to hang the frame
7-Superglue or something similar

Step 2: Cover the Cardboard With the T-shirt

Cover the cardboard with the t-shirt

Step 3: Staple the Shirt on the Cardboard

The next step is to staple the shirt on to the cardboard from the four sides

Step 4: Cut the Back of the Shirt

Then cut the the shirt in the part of behind the cardboard

Step 5: Staple the Plastic

Staple the plastic on to the cardboard but just two sides of it. Then put the LP on the cardboard, before you staple the other two sides, be sure you staple under, up, right and left of the LP, if you dont do this the LP will move anywhere the cardboard. After you do this, then staple the other two sides.

Step 6: Get the Wood ¡¡¡¡

Now get the wood, in my case i paint it of white color.

Step 7: Paste It ¡¡¡¡

Then I use the special glue and paste the 4 pieces of wood on to the cardboard

Step 8: Get the Job Done

Then get something to hang the frame and paste it.

Step 9: Hang It

Then finally hang it. :)

Hope you like it, see ya.

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