Delecious Yummy Biryani

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Today we will make this perfect delecious biryani

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Step 1:

This is all we need to put it on the rice
we need a bazaliya and Cauliflower and carrots and of corse we need a chicken chest because it is so yummy in it and you can also put the meatballs in it because it is really yummy too and of corse we need a rice and for the color it is really up to you what color of biryani to make and the color is all about spices you can buy a biryani spices which changes the color and make it more tasty but today I used a turmuric to make the color yellow and I think it is more yummy than any other color of biryani
and yes my loves that is all we need for the perfect biryani

Step 2: Cook Everything Now

and now all you have to do is cook a rice and put the turmuric and salt to the rice to make the rice tasty and yellow and just cook the bazaliya and Cauliflower and carrots and everything that you wanna put in your biryani and then also cook the chicken chest very well and when you cook everything very well and nice then you are good to go

Step 3: Put Everything to Gather

After you cooked the rice and the ingredients very well all you have to do is just put the ingredients on the rice and you will have a perfect delecious biryani

Step 4: And Ta Dah

and this is the biryani that we just made and have fun with it



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