Deoderant Trick

This is a really simple and funny prank to do on your parents brother or sister and it works wonders so here we go

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Step 1: Stuff That You Will Need :

  • a bottle of non pressurised clear deoderant those that look like water and smell like nothing
  • some vinegar [white for water effect]
  • a small empty water bottle
  • a small funnel
  • teatree essence optional
  • somebody to prank

Step 2: Pouring in the Deoderant

take your bottle of non-pressurised deoderant and put the funnel on your empty water bottle. pour out all the deoderant into the water bottle and hide the water bottle

Step 3: Pouring in the Vinegar

put the funnel on top of the deoderant bottle and pour in some vinegar . make sure the amount of vinegar is almost the same as the amount of deoderant that was in the bottle

Step 4: Covering Up

screw on the top of the deoderant bottle and sprinkle some teatree essence. Now you don't have to do this but my vinegar smelled even through bottle so i decided to do it just to cover up outside by putting on some teatree essence.

Step 5: Spray Check

now all you have to do is keep on spraying till some of the vinegar comes out. If you have done this you can now put the deoderant bottle back where it belongs and hide the water bottle full of deoderant somewhere safe.

I did this trick with my dad before he went to his office in the morning and luckily he didn't smell it but i bet the people at his work did

i hope you enjoyed this instructable thank you

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