Diy Chalkboard

Introduction: Diy Chalkboard

how to make your own chalkboard

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Step 1: Things You Need

Chalkboard paint,

NOTE: If you do not have chalkboard paint here's a recipe for your own in any color.

Step 2: Preparing the Frame

First you need to clean the frame. Then you need to remove the backing of the frame. Remove the picture in the frame if there is one. Take the glass out of the frame(you can throw it out but I kept it for a different instructable.

Step 3: Making the Chalkboard

Take the backing from the frame. this will be the surface of your chalkboard. Apply the recommended amount of coats of paint on the surface. Make sure to wait 24 he's before trying to write on it. It may seem dry but it more than likely isn't.

Step 4: Your Done!

Now once your chalkboard is dry you can use it for whatever you want. You can also use chalkboard paint on many surfaces such as jars.
Thanks for reading!:-)

Step 5:

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