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Introduction: Dog Collar Neckerchief

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in this - my first - instructable I will show you how to make a simple, but effective, neckerchief, that is great for sprucing up old or boring dog collars!

oh my god we got featured!!!!! thank you so much :D

Step 1: What You'll Need!

• 1 boring dog collar, of any colour, but it's harder to do with leather collars.
• 1 piece of scrap fabric.
• an iron.
• a sewing machine (optional).
• a needle and thread.
• some pins.
• some scissors.
• a little bit of free time.

Step 2: Measure Your Fabric

firstly, iron your fabric if necessary, it'll be much easier to work with, then take your collar and lay your fabric next to it, fold it until it's about the same length as the collar then fold it into a triangle, so that the side next to the collar is the hypotenuse (the longest side), this will go around the collar, now iron this triangle, so that there are creases that are visible when the fabric is unfolded.

Step 3: Cut Out a Square

open up your material so you can cut out a square (made of two ironed triangles, i.e. the fabrics still folded once), cut this out, then trim to size (to fit your collar), place it over the collar to do this, but remember you need some room to fold the sides over to stop them fraying.

Step 4: Stop the Fraying!

fold over the sides of the cloth by approximately 1cm to 1.5cm, this doesn't need to be too neat as it's not on show, pin this down, then see by hand or on a machine, this doesn't need to be too strong as it's not what hold the entire thing together.

Step 5: Attach to Collar

take your collar and square of fabric, place the fabric over the collar and sew around the edge of the triangle, when you come to the edge with the collar on it sew through the collar too (this is where leather collars aren't very good, though you could use glue instead of sewing the fabric to the collar, I guess, but this isn't what I do)
I pin the fabric and collar to cushion to hold it still.

Step 6: Wear

you're done! enjoy!



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    and zhamster, comment back if that doesn't work and I'll make a sewing tutorial (:

    zhamster, if you don't know how to see you can get fabric glue and glue the square if fabric to the collar and glue the edges together, it will take a while longer as it'll need to dry and it may be a little messy but it should work :)

    Really cute. I want to make one too. I wish I knew how to use a needle and thread or a sewing machine!

    @ddimaio! is she now? she's a Australian labradoodle, what's yours??

    Your dog is IDENTICAL to mine!

    @abigail02 thanks (:

    Great idea!! Your dogs are adorable!!!