Easy Bottle Cap Launcher

Introduction: Easy Bottle Cap Launcher

About: Future SEAL

In this instructable ,I'm going to show you how to make an easy ,iexpensive bottle cap launcher

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Step 1:

you will need

rubber band
something to use as a swing arm [needs to have a hole at both ends for the nuts and bolts]
bottle cap
hammer[optional but helpfull

Step 2:

first, take apart the door hinge

Step 3:

take the rubber band and cut it at the length you think is necessary and tie a knot connecting the two ends
[optional] tie a knot near the end

Step 4:

Take the side of the door hinge with three round ends and stick the pole that used to connect the two door hinge pieces together and insert it half way into the door hinge piece and stick the rubber band end with two knots on the pole
After you do that, you can hammer down the rest of the pole

Step 5:

next we are going to attach the swing arm
first, bolt on one end of the swing arm  to the body of the launcher [ don't screw in the nut to tight or the arm won't swing ]
after that' take the other screw and bolt it on the other side so that it will stick up a little on the arm

Step 6:

finally take the other end of the rubber band and wrap it on the bolt that is sticking up other swing arm and your done

to shoot the gun, put a bottle cap in front of the swing arm,pull the swing arm back and release

also if you want , you can put push pins in the cap

In the comments, tell me how far you can get yours to go. :)

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