Env2 Phone Stand





Introduction: Env2 Phone Stand

i wanted a stand to put my phone in but i could not find one on the instructables site so i made one out of knex

Step 1: Parts List


7 blue rods
4 granite rods
2 gray rods
10 black rods
4 blue connectors
5 half moons
3 brown/orange connectors
4 white connectors
4 granite connectors
2 black connectors
1 black rod/connector*

total parts: 46

*not shown

Step 2: The Back


Step 3: The Support


Step 4: Assemble the Holder

no comment

Step 5: The Base


Step 6: Assemble Stand

no comment

Step 7: You're Done!

If you've done this right it should look like this:

fold your phone open to set it in the stand

don't forget to comment and rate!



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    5 Discussions

    Cool and clever! Works with any ipod, except the mini and the nano and all the little ones , andhas room for a charging cable! 4.5 *!

    2 replies

    thx i made it so that i could charge my phone while it was on the base

    Ya i hate my nano, its to small to work with and i feel like if i drop it, it would break...