How to Open Internet Explorer




Intro: How to Open Internet Explorer

everone knows how to open internet explorer, and i'm bored, so i'll show you how

Step 1: Check If You Even Have Internet Explorer

look at your desk top, you should see an internet explorer shortcut, it will look like a big "e"

Step 2: Open It

now you see the shortcut, double click it, internet explorer will open, congratulations! i just wasted 2 minutes of your time.
have fun with what you already knew, and try to be more productive than me.

Step 3: Troubleshooting

if you can't open internet explorer with these instructions, the most likely cause is that you are an idiot, to find out you can take the free online test here, if you're not an idiot,but still have problems opening internet explorer, then post a comment, and i'll try to help you.



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      7 years ago on Introduction

      Implying intelligent people even use internet explorer. :/