Flower and Feather Vintage Inspired Hair Clip

Introduction: Flower and Feather Vintage Inspired Hair Clip

Wedding party hair accessory, flower and feather vintage inspired hair clip. We made these for the girls in our wedding party after buying one of etsy that fell apart after it by wet.

Step 1: Materials

Hair clips
Adhesives, scissors, needle and thread
Either a nice fake flower or if you have fake petals (dollar store), and needles and thread, you can make your own. The bright red flower pictured was made in that manner.

Feathers or a feather

Any other embellishments you want to add.

Step 2: Grab Materials and Design

If you need to make your flower, just form a rose and sew layers of petals into place.

Grab your feathers and prep them by manicuring the stem and trimming.

Design your clip. I put the feather against the clip then the flower then any embellishments.

Once you have settled on a design, grab the clip and put a thin Layer of glue.

Step 3: Secure the Design

Add your piece to your clip and for extra security sew the base of your design (your feather base) to the clip so no wardrobe malfunctions will happen. After you sew you can take some glue and add a few dots to inconspicuous areas.

Step 4: Test and Enjoy

Once your project is dry, it's a good idea to give it a test. Clip it to something, hold it upside down and make sure you left no loose ends.


Step 5:

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