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This instructable is my way to get rid of mild acne on your face and I've found this method very affective and very easy to constantly implement.

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Step 1: Boil Water

As the title suggest take any pan and fill it with water and put it on a stove on high heat while doing step two.

Step 2: Exfoliation

Using a wash cloth, usually the softer the better, roughly wash your face and use soap. When you are done rinse your skin.

Step 3: Steam

Go back to your pan on the stove which should be close to boiling. You don't need it boiling but you need steam. Put your face over the water and let the steam flow over your face. If the team is too hot try putting the pot on a non-active burner and wait about 10 sec. and try again if its still too hot wait 10 more sec., but heat should dissapate fairly fast. stand over the steam for about two min.

Step 4: Dry

Using towle dry you face. Dry by patting do not rub with the towle.

Step 5: Medication (optional)

Lastly you can apply any medicine you have if its prescription or over the counter just follow directions.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    farmerboyk thank you
    but in reality I edit it to avoid copyright problems because if I used this in the past (before I knew this site) I have no pictures and I couldn't upload the instructable without so I did the black bar thing.

    The best and cheapest method I have found is Neosporin. It is a triple acting antibiotic. Not only will it kill the bacteria that causes the acne, it will also help with healing the damaged skin. It does go on greasy but that is absorbed into the skin and even helps block more bacteria from getting into the pores to begin with.

    1 reply

    If it works great but I developed my method when going through middle/high school so I never really got into the medicine stuff much nothing like face pads or cream. Also today I don't have much of a acne problem so I don't see a chance of me trying this out anytime soon, but thanks for the tip.