How to Care for a Recently Neutered/spayed Rabbit

Introduction: How to Care for a Recently Neutered/spayed Rabbit

When my beautiful boy had his manly bits chopped off i fretted soo much, i couldn't find any information on post surgical care for rabbits. Unfortunately spaying/ neutering is often necessary to stop hormonal behavior and scenting, but with this instructable you should be able to capably look after your bunny.

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Step 1: Bringing Him/her Home

when bringing your rabbit home be sure not to shake the box or bang on it. your rabbit will be very frightened, confused and groggy. he /she may attempt to break through the box or dig through it. ( you can bring him/her home in either a cardboard box or a pet carrier). when you get home make sure that your rabbit is put immediately into his/her cage, preferably inside.

Step 2: Do Not Cuddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT CUDDLE YOUR BUNNY!!! doing this may disturb the stitches, harm your rabbit and result in a series of nasty scratches and bites.....

Step 3: The Road to Recovery

the first step to get your rabbit to recover is making him/her eat. this can be done by placing treats and food in his food bowl (apparently some bunny find herbs rather soothing after surgery). HOWEVER do not attempt to force feed your rabbit, he/she will not like it! after the anesthetic wears off your rabbit should begin normal rabbitty functions such as grooming and pooping.

Step 4: Don't Worry

don't worry, be happy, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright..... no matter what happens don't worry, this is only a guide for an average/perfect bun and conditions will often vary.

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