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Introduction: Ice Swirl Bracelets

I'm a jewelry maker and recently Ive been asked to take part in a charity for cancer kids, because no one buys an expensive thing on charities, i decided to make some cheap but yet beautiful jewelries, so I'm about to share some of them here

this is one
please forgive me for the bad quality images, i had no one to take picture of me while working, so u cat believe how it was hard for me to work with 2 hands and taking pictures

>>i used steel wire here to make it even cheaper, you can use silver, they has no difference in color or anything, both have permanent shine

also, you are free to make this design with any wire with any color depending on your beads
best results will appear by working with gold colored, copper, dark yellow and silver
but feel free to use any kind of wire, its your own project

Step 1: Tools

What you need:

if you dont know the differences of pliers, i scanned a page of my jewelry making encyclopedia and placed it here , so check them out

Step 2: Opening the Eye-pins

ATTENTION: i explained the steps on the pictures for better understanding, so scroll your mouse over pictures, for explains

Step 3: Flating the Eye-pins

Step 4: Placing the Bead Into Its Place

Step 5: Making Spirals

I tried to show how to make spirals in these pictures, but if you didn't understand, check this video that Ive found over the internet :
*remember: in this project, you don't need to cut the wire before starting

Step 6: Connecting Together

Step 7: Attaching the Clasp

Step 8: Preparing the Final Bead

Step 9: Variations

you're done now!
you can add variations like adding 2 or more rows of beads to your work
with this technique, you can make earrings too
you can use longer wires for bigger spirals

also, you can add as many precious gem as you like instead of beads, this is your work, so you are free in what you do, i made one work with brass and malachite stones with bigger spirals, because it was for a  costumer, i cant show its pic here :D

you can make the bracelet longer so the end of it will stay free, and will move freely
you can continue making it bigger and make a ring at the end


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    7 years ago on Step 8

    You're right, simple and very pretty. I could see adding a few spiral links or other links in there for variation. Thanks for posting!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Normally, even though you apologized in advance, I would complain about the image quality in your close ups. I know one-handed macro photography can be difficult, but the Instructable community is getting pretty used to perfection in photography. However, in your case they are just clear enough to make your points. So for me, you pass ;-)

    It could be that I, too, am a jewelry maker, and I can see what you are doing through the blur?  This is a wonderful I'ble, but not necessarily for the beginning jewelry maker.  I consider it to be a great short course in advanced techniques in beading.  Once you have made 10 necklaces or bracelets, you have enough experience to ask the questions that you provide the answers to here. 

    If you are interested in beading, please check out the many I'bles on the topic.  Then try it.  You can get cheap beads, wire, findings, and tools at Wal-Mart.  Your first tools will likely be the cheap ones.  I suggest that the moment you realize you like beading, go buy the expensive tools.  They are much better and will last much longer than the inexpensive ones.  For example, the cheap wire clippers are designed to clip copper wire, not steel wire.  They will wear out fast cutting wire for jewelry.  You'll find the good ones at stores specializing in jewelry (or beads).  Even the hobby stores do not carry the good tools. 


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    first of all, thanks for you for placing time to give ur comment on this
    second, the answer of ur comments will be:

    im not a beginner, im a pro, with 4 years experience in any kind of jewelry (beading, contemporary, pro jewelry making (silver,gold,brass etc bluh bluh))

    1. as i explained at the first of the post, ive been asked to take part in a charity, for this , i just checked out the other charity from this organization to find out what to make to gain a good profit -not for myself, for cancer kids-. so i went there and looked up at the jewelry stuff and other products and also costumers, found out around 70% of costumers (for this organization) were teens, they were highly into jewelry , and i found out that they are into buying cheap things, so in this situation and for this organization, i see the profit into the cheap and simple teen jewelries. i just joined here, so u wont see any PRO posts from me in this website

    2. for the blurness of the photos, ur right, unfortunately i had no one to take pics out of me, so it turned out like this, thats Why i placed a video that ive found over the internet for a better understanding

    3. for the tools, as a jewelry maker, i dont even place my feet into walmart, because marts like these, have nothing except throwing the money away, no profit in it, ive found a better way! WHOLESALE! as a pro, i recommend you not to spend your money on walmart shitz, these markets are for people who want to make 1 or 2 jewelries for fun, when speaking out of profit, you need to note 3 things :
    1. location and the situation that you are selling your items in. speaking of location, 2 things will happen: selling temporary (like being in charities and bluh bluh for a while) or a shop...the shop location highly depends on the prices and on what makes profit for you, like, a jewelry shop in a poor african city, wont have any profit if you sell best quality jewelry with huge prices, but a jewelry shop in the heart of NY, you can add the price as much as you want, cuz rich people will visit and they expect a high quality jewelry from you (example: they ask you to make this bracelet that i placed here, with silver and gemstones (as one of my customers asked me)), but a teen girl really doesnt CARE about it to be original or to be silver, she wants beauty, and cheap price

    2. the average age of costumers , as i said above, teen costumers want beauty that is not expensive (because of their money limit), and they wear simple jewelry, but an old rich fat lady (lol) wears big, high quality jewelries and they dont CARE about the price at all....

    thanks to all the management credits that ive passed through university, i found out the profit in this situation will be : teen style jewelry and also cheap (this is not my first time joining a charity, and from my previous experience, i know i can earn lots of profits this time too (the last time, i earned 2000$ in one day, around 1500$ was full profit, here, im speaking of a temporary selling for a high profit, not for me, but for children in need

    and of course, yes these tools here look cheap becuaz they are, im not on my workshop (its been located far away, i need to spend 30 minutes to get there, sigh, man you know, bad neighbor sux as hell, he forced me to take my equipments to somewhere else becuz he couldnt hold on with the sound of saw on the metal sheet, i just have no idea HOW he could hear it, but speaking of sue, i just - better say- RAN away from there, and i kept some cheat but effective tools at home, the ones you can see on the pics, but idk these ones in the pics are not cheap, i bought them for 10$ each, but they look cheap becuz of rubber covering, i covered them myself, because the previous covering had been BROKEN into pieces because of continuous usage (poor pliers, i know that having an owner like me, was the worst destiny that could happen to you)

    again, thanks pal, for your comments, ill try to make better posts next time :D ;)