Jar Lid Opener





Introduction: Jar Lid Opener

i got a jar of honey from a friend but when i tried to open it the lid was stuck. after trying to open it for quite a while and running a lot of hot water over it i finally got an idea. i made a strap wrench out of a jar opener some rope and a stick

Step 1: Supplies

all that you need for this instructable is the three objets i prviously mentioned :

a stick(i suppose a dinner knife or various other objects would work)
rope not too thick parachute cord works well
a jar opener

and of course a jar with a stuck lid

Step 2: Assembly

first tie a loop in the rope a little bigger than the jar and the stick.
next loop the loop around the jar and the stick and put the jar opener opposite the stick
third twist the stick muntill the loop is tight around the jar

Step 3: Open

now hold jar firmly grab end of stick and pull untill jar opens



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    10 Discussions

    Sure beats the 35-45 $ electric version someone gifted my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This works wonderfully. How come I didn't think of it?

    Thank you thank you thank you,

    i just smash the jar open, then i throw the shards at passing children (im in the grocery store)

    1 reply

    I love it. About 10 years ago I had a similar tool in the kitchen drawer...in one of my moves I lost it. It's something so sinple its genious. :-)

    jeez give him a break all there is here are bad comments. so i'll be the first. nice instructable...im sure it will help wusses all around the world =)

    I usually just take a knife and bang at a few edges of the lid to loosen it up.

    When 900 years you reach, grip so well you will not, hmm?

    hit the gym my friend :)