Knex Truck With Motor




Introduction: Knex Truck With Motor

this is a basic knex truck. it can be moded extensivly. it has a lo gear setting in the pictures because i like to do hill climbs. the gears can be swiched to a high setting. this will make it go faster. or you can have it free wheel.

Step 1: UPDATES!!!!

WHAT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR THE NEW MODS!!!!! This it the smae truck. it is stronger, lighter and no ugly orange rods in the sides. it has suspension and a motor. it can also be moded. I added a spiler and a hood scoop, along with a front bumper. Leave a comment if you want instuctions 'Til then SEEYA. :P

Step 2: The Parts

the parts needed are basic. 20 grey/orange/black rods(the longest rods). 13 red/green rods(medium rods). 26 blue rods. 5 yellow rods. 44 white/ silver rods . 12 green/black(shortest rods). 4 wheels. from the pictures you can figure out the conectors.

Step 3: Axel/ Swaybar Setup

this part can be tricky. if you need help leave a comment. the yellow gear is an option. i was trying to come up with a 4wd system.

Step 4: The Body

it is a strong design. add supports where needed.

Step 5: Motor Mount

this is complicated in some areas. such as the gear place ment.


alrighty!! now you can put the beast together.

Step 7: End Result

if you did this right it should look some thing like this



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    2 years ago

    post it

    anyone want me to post my trophy truck? jumped it in dirt, flogged it behind a motorbike, handles like a real truck and almost unbreakable. PLUS it has never before seen suspension setup

    6 replies

    ok well this truck has been destroyed and rebuilt close to 3 times now, i am just about finished my final design, just working out a few kinks. The front has independant suspension which does limit it a bit but also makes it more realistic the rear end can get maybe 15 cm of travel, it is pretty accurate to a 1:1 truck too

    i added an interior and two knex guys. the wing and the motor have been removed. PLEASE REPLY IF YOU WANT ME TO POST INSTRUCTIONS.

    hey all!!! just modified the truck A LOT. droped it about all the way and added coustom wheels. it has make shift hydrolics. i will post it tomorrow. til then PEACE. :P

    Add a suspension and it would be as good as it can get.

    it does have tha tan clip attatchment in the back. Raikou-san. and you can double up the largest wheels in a regular knex set Mr. Muggle

    You're better off using wheels that have places for tan clips to lock in. It helps secure the wheels and creates more horsepower.

    pretty nice though I don't think many people have those wheels