DIY Lcd Projecter With 20watt Led


Introduction: DIY Lcd Projecter With 20watt Led

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DIY LCD projector with 20watt led in Hyderabad, india
(heat sink+20 watt led+reflector+2.8 LCD screen+magnifying glass(lens) = projector
led fitted to heat sink with fan(CPU heat sink)
lens fitted with piece of PVC pipe and it can adjustable by using the screws fitted to the both sides of magnifying glass
2.8 LCD fitted in the middle of the box
box size (24L,12W,12H)

it is my first attempt make a projector and it working superb, its simple!

led works @ 16v 2amps

from Hyderabad,India



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    can u connect it wit pc or laptop

    Just wondering how you wired the mp4 player to have audio/video jacks? Or how does that work take it out to upload files? Just an inquiry.

    Hi, Sri, Thanks for your valuable information, I will update you the price of the led after purchasing, I need some more help for this project, I will ask you in future if any doubt raises, Thank you very much

    Hi, Super Project, I also do the same, I am also living in hyderabad, I want to do 50w Led Projector, Please help me where I will get all these components in hyderabad, I mean Led, Lcd screen, Lense etc. Please help me.

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    U can buy 50 watt led in led house ,gujarathi galli ,koti.
    And other items are available In any electronics shop koti.
    Use cpu heat sink with fan.
    I dont know the price of 50 watt led, Please send me the price when u purchase.

    did you use a magnifying lens to focus the lcd light or fresnel
    i have old slide projector not actully a slide but can i use it is lens or get magnifing lens instead

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    instead of freshnel lenses I used a light reflecter from a torch light.
    magnifying lense and freshnel lenses both are different lenses for clarification refer to similar projects on you tube.
    if you have a slide projector lense you can try it in the place of magnifying lenses

    best of luck

    actually my thought is to prepare a 720p projector,so i took 800x1280 resolution monitor for lcd.
    now i am planing for creative 5.1 and curves Screen with white canvas cloth.
    for lcd,led,led driver,collimator, Fresnel lens-3,400.
    5.1 Creative surround system-2,400.
    So my total expenditure is Rs.10,400.
    i used my old pc cabinets part for Magnifying lens with adjustable focal length(i made a small setup for it).
    i have searched for a month and decided to purchase ol.with lower cost for all items.

    actually i am from,I want prepare a projector ordered all the necessary items except lcd in eBay,waiting for the arrival.i bought 15" lcd(Rs.3400).and the remaining i am giving in urls,can u make sure that my plan give good brightness.

    Fresnel lens:
    LED Driver:
    LED Lens Reflector Collimator:

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