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Introduction: Leather Wash / Toiletries Bag

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after searching on the old tintaweb for a new leather toiletries bag I was a bit disappointed with the choice and the price :/ so I thought I would have a go and try and make one myself ...how hard can it be!!!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Firstly a nice peice of leather ..ebay has offcuts for sale for quite cheap I managed to get the leather I needed for 15 squid :)

smooth faced hammer
glue ( I used rubber glue , very easy to remove if you get it where you shouldn't)
leather pen
large ruler eyelet punch
snap rivets
and a hair dryer or heat gun..

and if you are hand stitching it
leather needle
beeswax ( not essential but makes life easier )
and a stitch marking wheel.

Step 2: Lets Begin :)

Firstly decide on the size you require then simply cut some board to size I used leather board but any flexible material will do you could even used cardboard .. then sandwich it between two bit's of leather glueing as you go .

Step 3: Side Walls

then measure around the base and cut you leather, add 20mm on to allow for the overturned stitch

Step 4: Connecting the Two

turn the leather inside out and start to glue around the base remembering to mark it with your leather pen so you can use it as a stitching line ...quick stitch round and you're done ..

Step 5: Support Strap

Firstly turn over about 10mm of the leather at the top of the bag .

then cut a strip of leather and glue like pics 234 and glue the zip as pic 5 then stitch as shown .

once stitched glue a the leather into a loop this will be the strap for the wash bag ..then glue in the top of the bag making sure you line it up with the vertical stitch on the side wall ...and stitch a square.

Step 6:

then copy on the other side but make this strap considerably smaller.
then glue the zip to the bag and put a straight stich in along this line securing the zip .

Step 7: Final Step

add a couple of snap rivets to the end of the zip on each side ...and your done :) I know this instructable looks complicated but believe me its not ..you could also glue some material on the back of the leather so when its all stitched up it has a liner .. hope you have enjoyed this instructable and I hope you give it a shot ...thanks :)

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    We used to call this our "ditty bag" in the navy, it held our shaving and personal hygiene gear, hadn't thought about that in years, thanks.


    Reply 5 years ago

    you quite welcome ...thanks for the comment :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    I really like the design. Looks very professional.


    Hi megaman616 it's what we call nappa or cape readily available at most leather merchants.


    3 years ago

    awesome! what type of leather is it? im looking for leather that is soft but can get tooled, yours looks thick enough to be tooled but soft


    5 years ago

    Very nice! The light thread looks great on your seams!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks bennybenbenny glad you like it .. I'm glad I didn't go with the dark brown thread now ..