Matchbox Chalkboard / Talking Puppet



Introduction: Matchbox Chalkboard / Talking Puppet

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reasons NOT to make this:

ok... grab your matchboxes and let's go! 

(quick 3 sec talking puppet video at the end)

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Step 1: You Will Need...

to make a chalkboard matchbox puppet, you will need:

- a matchbox
- chalkboard paint
- newspaper for covering spraying surface
- needle
- scissors
- fishing line (or strong string- about 8-10")
- chalk

Step 2: Holes

remove the inner matchbox slot - at one end of the inner slot (that used to hold all the matches) use your needle to poke a hole on each side.
now take the outer matchbox covering and do the same. 

Step 3: Spray

grab your chalkboard paint and head to a well ventilated area. lay out your newspaper and place both pieces of the matchbox on top. spray the chalkboard paint over both pieces, covering all sides that are visible. Let dry, flip and repeat a few times until you cannot see the original matchbox lettering any longer.

Step 4: Finger Strings

with your fishing line, thread some line through the holes you made in step #2.
make sure your finger can fit snug through the loop you make and the knot to fasten into place. this is how you will control your puppet.

Step 5: (VIDEO) Test It Out.

that's it!
now, all that is left is to try it out.

you now have a:

- talking puppet you can customize
- portable chalkboard
- secret message box
- game board (tic tac toe? hangman?)

store your chalk and a piece of paper towel inside. 

have fun.

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