Paper Plane I Invented #1

Introduction: Paper Plane I Invented #1

i have designed several planes due to boredom during high school classes
this was my first
it uses standard 8.5"/11"
it is an acceptable glider prone to doing loops and other tricks
however, flying it takes some skill and trim is very difficult
the folding is fairly complex

Step 1:

first fold and unfold both sets of opposite edges to eachother
this will give a + shape of creases
then flip

Step 2:

now fold and unfold opposite corners to each other
this results in a + with an X threw it

Step 3:

push the edges inward as shown
the point formed here is the tip of the plane

Step 4:

now fold the top wing between where the crease meets the back edge and the end of the leading edge
then turn the fold around and tuck it in to the inside of the wing

Step 5:

flip the plane so that the bottom wing is towards you
fold inward such that the leading edge lines up with the fold connecting the top and bottom wings
turn the fold around so the flap is between the wings
repeat on both sides (only 1 is shown threw intermediate steps)
flip back over
the last two pics show exactly where you should fold to

Step 6:

fold along the middle crease
fold down wings along the fold that connects top and bottom wings
leading edge of bottom wing will be slightly past central crease

Step 7:

fold tip to intersection of back edge and central crease
fold tip forward such that the corner of the leading edge of top wing is touching the leading edge of the bottom wing

Step 8:

flip and refold central crease
fold down wings along old fold

Step 9:

learn how to fly it
gentle throw
throw from on high
make only small adjustments in trim

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