Real Life Zork Wall Mural

Introduction: Real Life Zork Wall Mural

Do you remember the classic text based adventure Zork?
fun right?
but have you ever though: "gee, it would be awesome if life had a command box like this"? well you don't have to wish anymore, just follow this ible and make life more like zork.!

not that i think any of you are stupid, but please do not do anything like eat the paint or something. i am not responsible if you hurt yourself.

This ible is enterd in the gamelife contest so please vote!

*note* when exploring your basement be sure to turn on the light (or you are likely to be eaten be a grue)

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Step 1: What You Need

for this project you will need:
-a paintbrush
-black paint
-white paint
-masking tape
-a wall that you can paint on

Step 2: Set Up Your Wall

the first step in making this retro wall mural is to select a wall.
be sure to pick one that you own or that one that people will not get mad at you if you paint on it.
once you have selected your wall mask off a large rectangular area on it with your masking tape.

Step 3: Paint It

once your wall is masked paint the area within the tape (all the way to the edges).
make sure your area is well ventilated so that the paint fumes don't get to you (if you are using smelly stuff, like house paint).

wait for the paint to dry then remove the tape. this should give you a nice straight edge on the command console.

Step 4: The Text

now its time to decide what you want the console to say.
for example you could write the original text from the game, or you could do what i did and write up a zork scenario that matches the mural's location.

for my text i chose:
ZORK Life: The Real Life Empire

West  of House
You are standing on the sidewalk west of a house.
The door is open.

>enter house
You are inside the house. there is a hall that leads left and right.

You are in a room staring at a wall which reads:
"ZORK Life: The Real Life Empire..."

whatever you decide on type it up in "basic" font (that's what it was called in photoshop) and print it up nice and big in black and white and make a stencil by cutting out each of the layers.

Step 5: Paint the Text

once you've cut out all the letters tape up your homemade stencils and use your white paint to transfer your text onto the console you painted on the wall.
let the paint dry and them remove the stencils.

Step 6: The Finished Product

when you're done you should have a beautiful wall mural that brings all the fun of Zork to the real world.

this project is easy, fun, and adds something interesting to those boring walls in your house/workspace/etc.

Ps. for those who noticed that the pictures in this ible are Photoshopped, good on you!
i did not have the time/paint to actually do this project, but the ible is accurate and will work (i did something similar before, i just didn't make an ible for it...). challenge

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea, but it would have been better had you actually DONE the project rather than photoshoped it. Next time you go the cheap way, at least mention that your pictures are photoshoped and not of your actual work :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    added a note at the end.
    im glad to hear you like it, thanks for your input.