Rubik's Snake Puzzle Box




Introduction: Rubik's Snake Puzzle Box

using six puzzles ( $0.98 at toys r us)

Step 1: Make Each Piece

required supplies
six snake puzzles ( $1 @ toys r us)
a few fingers (try to use you own)

Step 2: Solution



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    7 Discussions

    Hi mate. I am really wanting to give this a go. I can make all the first 4 shapes no problem, and I think I have the fifth done but because of the glare on the 6th one I can not figure it out. Also on the fourth photo of the joining process I am confused as to what the smaller piece is. Is it one of the pieces in the first part folded in half? Can you possibly put some more instruction up please.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but is there enough room in the middle to put like a ring inside? be a cool way to present an engagement ring if there is

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