Simple Marionette



Introduction: Simple Marionette

Paper to draw pattern
Fabric Scissors
Needle and thread
1 and a half yards of material (cotton best)
Hot glue gun
Google eyes
Fishing wire
Two rulers or paint sticks
Optional: pins, pliers, wire hanger, wire cutters, batting, paint, other decorative accessories

Step 1: Cutting and Sewing

Step 1:
Lay out patterns making sure that fabric is doubled over, pin to fabric (optional)
Cut so you have 4 pieces for legs, 2 for neck, 2 head, 2 body, and 4 feet.
feet: 5 inch diameter circle, legs/neck: 12 inch by 4 inch rectangle, head/body: 10 inch diameter circle
(optional) cut 3 pieces of batting for legs and neck (12 inch by 4 inch)

Step 2:
Unpin cut pieces removing pattern, and re pin
Make the pins all go the same way to ease removal as you sew
Sew pieces together:
Leave both ends open on neck and legs
Leave and opening in head, body, and feet about 3 inches

Step 3:
Stuff feet, head and body
Do not stuff legs or neck
Sew batting to one side if you desire thickness in legs and neck (optional)

Step 4:
Hand sew the legs to the feet, tucking the legs inside the feet
Hand sew the neck to the body and head

Step 2: Sewing and Gluing

Step 5:
Make sure you know which is the head and which is the body before sewing the legs on
Hand sew in the middle of body
Make sure the legs hang evenly

Step 6:
Get glue gun ready
Glue the eyes on, put glue directly on head (not eyes) to avoid burning yourself and the eye bubbling
Glue on any other features you wish (hair, eyebrows, lashes, etc)

Step 7:
Use pliers to pull out the metal rib in rulers (optional)
Glue sticks together in an X
you may pain the rulers with acrylic paint just don't get any on your clothes

Step 8: optional
Cut hook off hanger, not too close to the neck
Thread hook through rulers
Glue hanger to sticks
If desired, tape or thread can be used to ensure the hanger staying on

Step 3: Stringing the Puppet

Step 9:
Get a friend to help string the puppet
You will need a needle with a large eye, like a quilting needle
If wire wont got through eye, try biting the end of wire to make it flat

Cut thread about 2 arm lengths (finger tip to shoulder twice)
Knot the other end (that isn't in the needle)
Push through the bottom of head, feet, and body.

String the head first, body second, and feet last.
Wrap excess string around the stick before tying so that the lengths can be changed if needed.

Tie and Glue thread in place.

Step 4: Show Off Your Creation

Tada! You're finished.

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