Single Servo Robot

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this is a robot made with one standard servo and a Parallax thumbstick. the "eyes" can be any LEDs that you want.

Step 1: What You Will Need

PARALLAX 8 pin Thumbstick


AAA battery holder (or AA battery)

LEDs + resistor (im using UV LEDs because I have so many of them)

arduino uno+breadboard

batteries+battery connectors

I got all these parts (plus alot more) in the arduino ultimate starter kit

Step 2: Code First

download the arduino knob code from
and upload to the arduino

Step 3: Setting Things Up

lets wire things up!

place thumbstick upside down on breadboard.

2-AXIS JOYSTICK label should be facing you, but upside down.

L/R on your left should be connected to A0 on your arduino.

L/R+ on your right should be connected to positive.

GND on your right should be connected to ground.

servo positive and ground should be connected to positive and ground.

servo input should be connected to ~9 on your arduino.

Step 4: Decorations

mount LEDs onto the servo head (I used stripboard)

connect LEDs to the battery pack

I hot glued the servo to the pack to keep it small

my battery pack had a switch on it so I used that to turn the lights on and off. you can add your own switch.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Robot

this is a test to control a servo with a thumbstick. it is great practice for beginners and since were using a premade code theres no programming required! this is my first Instructable so tell me how I did

Step 6:



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