Snowflakes Ornament

this is how the final product look alike. if u want to make it more attractive, u can apply colour airbrush. But me myself preffering the rustic style, so i let it as it was.

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Step 1: Wooden Stick

Prepare two types of wooden stick which diffent in length

Step 2: Glue Gun

Option: you can use any kind of glue but this I preferred this as it is really strong to ensure the stick hold together

Step 3: Cut the Wooden Stick

1.make sure you have 16sticks which 1 inch and 16 sticks of 2inches

Step 4: Get the Frame

First of all, get the 2 wooden stick glued together at the center.

Step 5: Next!

Glue it together for another 2 wooden sticks and u will get 8 sided star . Ensure you stick it at the center of the stick. Let it hold together for about 15 minutes untill the glue is firmlybstick.the wooden together.

Step 6: Snowflakes Is Coming

Get 1 inch sticks and glued it as shown.

Step 7: Snowflakess

Finally, glue the rest of 2 inches wooden stick as shown.. you can get it coloured if u like.
This is just brief idea, you can be more creative by google other shape of snowflakes and try it by yourself!

you don't have to wait for winter for snow! as u can have snowflakes decoration even during summer.

Step 8:

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