Super Picture (X, Eiffel Tower, Double GT, Green Triangle)

This is my very own original trick inspired by ono hitoshi. Where he do a knoting trick, release his finger one by one and ends up with GT which is so cool. So this is how to do mine :

It's just to make it smooth and just cooler, I start with trapeze, bounce it back like you are doing jade whip do under pass, bounce it again (now with the slack too) and guide the slack behind your wrist (just like wrist whip), catch the slack with your thumb and do a trapeze where the yoyo lands on the middle string shown in the video.

Heres the main idea:

-Hold the string that connects to your throwhand middle finger with your thumb
-pull out your wrist

there will be an X formed by the string

-release the string on your non-throwhand index finger

you should've been arrived at paris (eiffel tower)

-now release your throwhand thumb. Oops!! I mean the string on your throwhand thumb

you should be in double GT

-finally grab the lower GT (formed by the double GT) with your non-throwhand index finger

Finally!! you arrive at Green Triangle

now just dismount like how you dismount a basic GT..

Hope you can understand my tutorial and hope you enjoy the tricks..

It's not that hard. This is basically a wrist whip with the yoyo lands on the wrong string which makes it cool!!

Happy yoyoing!!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is a cool trick.<a rel="nofollow" href="">Eiffel Tower</a><br/>


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Cool video!
    Every single yoyo video getting posted onto Instructables is just really cool.
    Great job!