The Not - So - Origami Book With No Staples





Introduction: The Not - So - Origami Book With No Staples

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in this Instructable, I'll teach you how to make a half page big book. it uses no staples. all you need is scissors, paper, and a little patience. Sorry about the EXTREMLY bad pictures. my camera has no veiwfinder or screen. so, basically, I guessed the pictures. please comment. tell me if it's useful, dumb, or anything else

Step 1: Fold Cover

first, you want to make a hamburger fold to ONE piece of paper. Unfold. then hot dong fold, but dont fold it. instead, pinch the hamburger fold you made. then, cut from the closed side (the side you were suppos to pinch) up untill your an inch from the end. unfold.

Step 2: The Pages

take the rest of the paper and fold it all together hamburger style. unfold. cut notches in the top and bottom of the fold, as long as the piece that wasn't cut on the cover

Step 3: Putting It Together

take the pages and hot dog fold them, but don't make the fold. slide it into the hole of the cover. open it, sliding the notches into tho other notches. fold in half. DONE!



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    5 Discussions

    i know origami terms: valley fold, mountain fold, reverse fold. i just dont want to confuse the nubes that dont know. hot dog fold is where you fold it so it is thin. hamburger is so its fat. these discrictions are what are used at my school. i got this idea from my math teacher. it for a project thats due this thursday. its a semi-HUGE project

    I meant to add: good attempt, however! Keep going! Play with your camera so you know where the focus is, and what kind of light is needed to make the scene clear and, well, seen!

    I can see there is a good idea here. But it is let down by the pictures. Someone unfamliar with techniques would struggle to follow. I suggest taking your pictures in well lit conditions, on the floor near a window for example. Also, more work is needed in the description, i reckon you need about twice as much for each step. The number of steps is about right though. Be sure to explain what the various fold are, it doesn't take you 2 minutes to copy and paste off google.