Introduction: Installation of Webcams From Laptop LCD Monitor

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Hello everyone ..
In this article I'll show you how to mount the camera on a laptop in the LCD monitor.

here's a VIDEO

What do we need ??

1. Monitor. 2. The camera on the laptop. 3. usb wire. I took the lead from the gaming mouse X7. 4. and of course a direct hand ..))

Well, let's start ..


First, find a broken laptop desirable .. HP ..

Porting camera from a laptop in the LCD monitor

Why Hp ??? . because the camera is powered by 5v .. ie directly from usb .. circuit connecting the camera to a laptop can be found here or here

I used the second scheme ..

Step 1: Parse Monitor ...

I took as a basis the monitor from LG FLATRON W1934S

carefully remove the button.

Monitor analyzed here ..

Step 2: Setting the Camera

Find the center where it will be inserted into the camera ..

Make a hole that would have entered the camera camera ..

I had to make sacrifices and cut a piece of the lens ..

the quality is not affected ..

and again had to go on what that sacrifice, and I cut a piece of aluminum strips from the matrix ..

Remove it carefully that would not damage the cables of the matrix ..

slotted bottom wire.

Well all begin to assemble the most ..

Step 3: Assembling the Monitor

insert a camera matrix.

insert neatly without damaging the camera and very matrix ..

All matrix inserted ..

insert button. Put on the lid and tighten all ..

Step 4: Conclusion

Well, everything .. Th else to say it)

exactly .. and for testing the camera, download what ever program to remove the video or screenshots from webcam .. I recommend downloading a program DirectShow Video Capture Sample from Microsoft Corp

Well, I think all .. any questions please comment

On Saturday, I will tell you how to make a cool highlight for your PC

Since I have bad with English, I translate through Google.
Watch the video everything is clear shown)

Video dumb as say it again with bad English)