Introduction: Ipod Classic Binder-clip Matinee

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I own an ipod classic, which is great for storing lots of music and movies, but not so great for actually watching movies. Inspired by Crucio's iphone stand design but needing a different angle for my cinematic dangle, i gathered some binder clips and a sheet magnifier and devised a stand/magnifier combo that is quick to set up and works well.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1) 8.5 x 11" sheet magnifier. I am using one with lots of fingerprints on it, because it is what I have handy. if you can find or buy a clean one, certainly do so.
2) 4 small binder clips. these go along the bottom edge of the sheet magnifier to reduce floppiness.
3) 5 medium binder clips. Two for the ipod stand, three for the magnifier stand.
4) 1 large binder clip. For the ipod stand.

Step 2: Assembling the Ipod Stand, Part 1

The ipod stand is built from two medium clips and the large clip.

This is the trickiest bit, but once you have the main part of the stand assembled, you can leave it that way for easier re-use.

The base of the stand is made of two interlocking medium binder clips. see the second picture for a close-up.

i achieved this by using the large clip to wedge one of the medium clips open, as the third picture shows. anything else you might have around to use as a shim will be fine as well, but I was out to achieve the end result shown in picture 2 by using only binder-clips.

next, I clip the second medium clip to the leg of the first, as shown in the fourth image. you get the upper leg of the medium clip on the left into the one on the right by swivelling it around while it is still clipped, sliding the leg into the clip on the right, and then pulling out the large clip. the end result should look like picture 2 - two medium binder clips in a sort of leg-lock.

Step 3: Assembling the Ipod Stand, Part 2

attach the large clip to the upper leg of the assembled clips from the previous step. Now swing it over to the left.

The ipod stand is now complete! on to the magnifier!

Step 4: Constructing the Magnifier Stand, Part 1

Arrange four small magnifier clips and one medium along the bottom edge of the sheet magnifier as shown. The smaller clips reduce floppiness, and the medium clip is what the stand is built around.

Step 5: Constructing the Magnifier Stand, Part 2

next, clip on another medium binder clip.

Step 6: Constructing the Magnifier Stand, Part 3

next, clip on a third medium binder clip as shown in the first image.

Once that is attached, swing binder clip 3 leftwards so it will be on the opposite side of the sheet magnifier, as shown in the second picture.

Step 7: Watch Videos!

simply position the magnifier stand so it slants away from you slightly, position the ipod stand behind it, place the ipod on the stand, and enjoy a magnified view of the videos on your ipod classic.