Iron Man (tron Style) Helmet

Introduction: Iron Man (tron Style) Helmet

hi all, in this tutorial i'm  gonna show you how i made an iron man helmet with a tron look or as I call it "tron man".
To make this awesome helmet you need the following materials:
-6 meters of EL-wire and inverter (20$)
-cardboard (free)
-hot glue sticks (2$)
-A4 paper (free)
-9v battery (2$)
-High luminescence LED with 300 ohm resistor (2$)
-electric wire (free)
-1mm thick graft foam

-helping hands (or whatever it's called)
-soldering iron
-hot glue gun
-hobby knives
-computer running windows 

softwares required:
-pepakura viewer

Step 1: Printing the Template and Cutting the Cardboard

print the file and cut the pieces out of the paper.
Now put the pieces you got in a cardboard sheet and underline them.
Cut the pieces out of the cardboard sheet (keep the paper pieces if you want to make another helmet). 
if you need to glue two pieces which are supposed to form an angle, with your hobby knife cut one of the piece's edge (like in the photo) than glue the two pieces together.
once you have all the pieces open pepakura to see where they are in the helmet and assemble them.
Once you have assembled all the pieces you should spray paint the helmet with a dark color.

Step 2: Apply the EL-wire

thake your EL-wire and start gluing it to the helmet's shape, find the smarter way to do this without wasting the EL-wire.
It's like sewing the wire to the helmet.
If you need to solder you EL-wire to a normal wire look in the net for some tutorials because i don't have the time to do one.
Once you finished gluing the EL-wire to the helmet go to the next step.

Step 3: Lighting Up the Eyes

to light up the eyes you need to cover the eyes of your helmet with some tape.
than put a lot of hot glue from the inside of the helmet.
Let the hot glue cool down and than remove the 2 pieces.
the LED circuit is very easy, you need to solder a resistor to the smaller part of the LED and than a black wire to the other part of the resistor, and a red wire to the longer part of the LED. You need to make 6 LEDs.
When you made the LEDs you need to group all of the red wires and the black wires to make just 1 red wire and 1 black wire.
(it's very hard to explain in words so watch the pictures).
glue the leds in the helmet's eyes.

Step 4: Making the Helmet Wearable and Comfortable

to make the helmet wearable you need to cut it like in the picture.
glue 2 hooks one for each part.
add some craft foam to the interior part of the helmet to make it comfortable and to hide all the wires.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    help me please beacause i just opened the file on the pepakura viewer and zoomed out on the templates and i saw some parts of the template floating around, HELP is that even normal or is it because of my computer?!
    Is it because i am just gonna trace them on card board or what?


    Reply 7 years ago

    you dont need those parts. you will be making from cardboard so the smaller parts wont be needed


    9 years ago on Step 4

    can you make a instructable on this same theng but without the lights?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Just skip the steps where I explain how to set up the lights :) ( btw are u talking about the eyes' lights or the complete el wire lighting system?)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's normal.. You only need to press print. The parts you see floating around are there because they're not gonna be printed ( and they dont't have to be printed) . You have to trace in the cardboard only the pieces you can print from the file I uploaded in this instructables.. :)