Introduction: Jawws T Shirt Design

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Jaawws shirt design…

Made this design myself…..

Things you’ll need:

scissorsa shirt (duh.)thread ( thick thread ) Step.1

cut 1 inch thick cuts in your shirt wherever you like in a straight row like this …

step.2 Pinch the strip of fabric so that it forms a crease in the middle like this…..

step.3 Now tie it off with a piece of thread. Wrap it multiple times, especially if you plan on wearing it alot, and so it won’t suffer damage in the dryer and washing machine.

step.4 go all the way around repeating the previous step until you reach the end. It’s pretty tedious work but the look’ll be worth it. you can. put this design wherever you want in your shirt, or even pants,jackets or anything for that matter.Hope you found this useful and if you have any Ideas you’d like to share, feel free to put them in the comment box below..

Step 1: Cut

cut 1 inch strips in the middle of your shirt

Step 2: Tie It

pinch the fabric to where there's a crease in it and wrap with some strong yarn on string

Step 3:

continue this all the way around, until your at the end. You can do this multiple times wherever you want on whatever you want. give me a thums up if you liked this! I'd love to see your pictures of this design if you make it

Step 4: