Introduction: Knex Mk45 Rifle

About: well ill love to take someone elses knex gun build and make it over the extreme with mods and i also have xboxlive and i just got to 60 on my WOW account

this knex assault rifle is my biggest knex gun this thing shoots far.

long rods 40ft

green rods 30ft

black rods 25ft

and if you have any mods for tis knex gun tell me plz.

Step 1: The Trigger

the trigger is conected to a blocker so when the trigger is pulled the firing pin hits the bullet out

Step 2: Firing Pin and Secondary Handle

the firing pin is just a rod 1 conecter and some rubber bands on it now the secondary handle is just 2 rods conected forming a grip

Step 3: The Main Handle

take 4 black mediem rods and 2 star conectors and 8 90 degree angles and 8 half star conectors and put them together like this

Step 4: The Scope

its just 2 star conectors and alot of half star conecters put em on a mediem green rod then put it on your knex gun

Step 5: The Shoulder Rest

its just alot of rods and conectors

Step 6: The Bipod

just a triangular structure conected to the knex gun

Step 7: The Clip

make side walls big enough for the rods to load into the barrel

Step 8: Other Stuff

tis is the detail part or a ciose up look at my knex gun