Knex Rubberband Gun

Introduction: Knex Rubberband Gun

this is just a knext gun that shoots rubberbands
1 gray rod
1 black ball joint
2 oragne double connectors
2 tan clips
2 blue rods
3 grey one sided clips
28 red three connectors
at least one rubberband (more is better becuase these will be your ammo)

Step 1: Construct

pic #
1 put all the red connectors on the grey rod for the body
2 build this it's pretty simple just make sure you put the tan clips with the little nob into the two grey clips
3 this is the firing pin

Step 2: Put All the Peices Together

pic one: this will be the front of the gun
pic two this will be the back of the gun

Step 3: Firing!!!!

put the rubberband over the black ball joint the over the two grey clip on the back push up on the orang peice untill it's over the othe grey clip and stick the firing pin on the grey clip like in the second pic. to fire pull out the firing pin and the rubberband should shoot pretty far depending on what rubberbands you use.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    i love it rated 5 * been looking 4 this sence i joined

    This has nothing to do with the gun but how in the world do you put an image next to your name? PLEASE HELP!!!


    15 years ago on Introduction

    try adding more to the dark grey connectors for like a shot gun sorta thing(havent tried it)

    whoohoo first comment. thats a first. anyway looks good but anyone can make a rubberband gun with wood and a paper clip. its only a one shot good tho.

    your mom
    your mom

    Reply 15 years ago on Introduction

    whats with all you people not liking rubber band guns, no crap they are one shot, all of them are and besides, the only other things that use real fire power (sorta) are potato canons good job e-hizzle


    Reply 16 years ago on Introduction

    i know i was just bored and had nothing better to do