Introduction: Knex Thompson

This is my knex Thompson shooting replica

(credits to the Dunkis for trigger)

range: 25-35 feet
durability:the stock is very flimsy but the body is really sturdy
power:barely dents cardboard
ROF:repeater (cock,shoot,cock,shoot)
ammo:gray connectors

very realistic
removable mag with mag release
comfortable handle
IMO most realistic Thompson on the site

flimsy stock
mag is slightly angled to either side
uses cut parts
uses a lot of pieces

Step 1: The Stock

Read the notes.

Step 2: Body and Handle

Step 3: Fore-grip

Step 4: Assembly

I do not have any pictures of the firing pin but it is just a black rod with a blue spacer, an orange connector and tape.You have to tie a string to through the loop or connect a yellow rod to the back of the orange connector and tape it.