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Introduction: Lamp Steampunk El Caracol Steampunkmachines

how to make

Steampunk el caracol Steampunkmachines de daniel levesque sept-iles

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Step 1: Step 1: Materials / Materiales

this lamp Steampunk el caracol made by Steampunkmachines

wit recycled vending machine secycled parts and edison style old lamp for instalation on celing 120 volts

Step 2: All Parts

tis finiched all parts for build this lamp

a 1x spiral from ols vending machine

b 1x adattor for spiral

c 1x eison bulb

d 1x 110 volt lamp soket

e 12 foot of elicrical wire 110 v

f 1x 2 pong electrical soket

g 1x adator lamp soket

Step 3: Zoom

lamp detail

Step 4: Build

i nead found sperial in old vending machine or scrap yard

Step 5: Remove Motor Post on Adator

remove plastic post fro install lamp soket

a cutt central post and remove

Step 6: Drill a Hole

drill a hole for soket

Step 7: Install a Soket Adator

install adator for lamp

Step 8: Install Soker and Lamp

final step install wire soket and lamp

Step 9: Test Lamp Amny Thanks and Pass a Very Good Day From Quebec Canada

test lamp

My Etsy shop if you don't want to make it


many thanks and pass a very good day from daniel levesque

Step 10:

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    Thanks a lot for sharing your project!

    Do you think you could edit your instructable, rewriting the text in Spanish. I approved it for the contest, but if it is not rewritten in Spanish I will have to undo the approval.