Introduction: Lazy Man Beef Soup

when you're sick and needs to heal faster, or after working out at the gym and need that extra protein to feed your muscles,  but your mama's out for holiday, and you just got a fight with your gf/wife, and you're lazy to go out dining in expensive restaurants for soup. what would you do?

here's the soup recipe all you lazy men out there gotta learn to make!!!!!!

Step 1: Your Tools, Skill, and Ingredient

all u need is...
1. slow cooker (crock pot)
2. knife
3. peeler
4. chopping skill (not karate chop)
5. *important* a very very nice looking bowl

for the ingredients, you can add in whatever you want. but as for this dish, you'll need:
1. some potatoes
2. some carrots
3. salt and pepper
4. some beef
5. onions
6. garlics
7. beef stock cube (or chicken stock cube. if you're a vegetarian, add vegetarian cube)
8. hot water

Step 2: Prepare the Food

here's what u need to do with the ingredient.
1. peel
2. chop
3. slice

dealing with the veges:
strip the carrots, potatoes, garlic, onions, and cube them with a knife. (if you're lazy to chop them, get them in cubes in supermarket)

*don't let anyone seeing you when you're chopping the onions... they'll think you're a loser crying over a fight with your gf/wife*

dealing with the meat:
slice that piece of meat into biting size cubes. marinate the beef with some salt and pepper. 
for the best flavoring, you can get a pan, heat it with some oil, and grill the beef cubes for 5 minutes, flip over the cubes to make sure each side of the beef cubes are golden brown before you pour  the cubes into the slow cooker. 
but this is a lazy man's soup recipe so you can skip this troublesome grilling step.

dealing with the stock cube:
strip the beef cube wrapper, throw it in a bowl(not the very very nice looking bowl yet) and pour in some hot water. stir till the cube melts into the water

wait.. you would be questioning me right now.. how much should we add per ingredient? like how many carrots should we use? how many potatoes?
lazy man like me don't count. so, i don't even know how much of the ingredients i used, i just get whatever i could find in the kitchen. you can add in celery, tomatoes, sweet potatoes or whatever.

Step 3: Cooking the Food

just throw whatever you have prepared into the pot. add some water to fill it if its too dry, i usually filled the water to 2/3 of the pot. the vegetables will ooze out some water during the cooking process. give it a light stir. and close the lid of the pot

since it is cooked with slow cooker, you will need about 8 hours to cook this dish on LO setting, or 4 hrs on HI setting.

turn the slow cooker on, and you can now go facebook for 8 hours, play games for 8 hours, go for a movie marathon, or you could just sit there and watch it cooked if you have the time. as for myself, i usually go to bed.

Step 4: Serving the Lazy Man Beef Soup

you can serve this dish with noodle or rice. or if you're lazy to cook rice or noodle. just eat it straight away.

you could also chop some onion spring, or add some parsley for flavoring and decoration purposes. for myself (some greenish color would make your soup look kinda livelier), i added blend mc Cormick's Italian herbs because that's all i can find in my fridge. actually it is because i'm lazy to chop the onion spring.

now every lazy men in this world are able to survive a fight with gf/wife and a holiday mama. starve no more my brothers...

oh oh.. remember the very very nice looking bowl? when your "mad at you" gf/wife came home from a hard day from work. heat up a bowl of lazy man beef soup in the very very nice looking bowl for her. food taste better when it is served with good looking bowls or plates. i'm pretty sure she'll love it.

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