Introduction: Lego Earphone Speaker

Hey guys This is my first ever instructable so I hope you like it

these are the materials you need
4x: 1-1 stud
3x: 1-4 brick (one with three holes)
1x: 6-6 plate
2x: 1-2 brick
2x: 1-4 plate
2x: 2-6 plate
1x: 1-2 plate
2x: 1-6 plate
2x: 1-1 cone
1x: 4-6 roof plate
1x: earphones

Step 1:

take the three 1-4 bricks and place them on the 6-6 plate with the one with the three holes at the front. Then take the two 1-2 bricks and place them behind the 1-4 bricks this will be the space for the earpieces of you earphones to sit in.

Step 2:

take one 1-6 plate and the two 1-4 plates and place them on top of the bricks placed on the base

Step 3:

take the other 1-6 plate and the 1-2 plate and place the 1-2 plate underneath the 1-6 plate, this will be the so the earphones don't slip out

Step 4:

lay the earphones inside the base and place the 1-6 plate at the back of the base

Step 5:

place the two 2-6 plates on top of each other and then place them on top of the base

Step 6:

place the roof plate on top of the base in front of the two 2-6 plates

Step 7:

flip the base upside down and place the four studs on the four stud connectors in the corners of the base
and there you have it your own portable music speaker
hope you guys like it
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