Introduction: Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Debug Mode (IOS/Android)

hey guys in this instructable im going to show you how to unlock debug mode in sonic the hedgehog 1&2 on your IOS or android device using the level select

all you will need is and IOS or android device with either Sonic 1 or 2 installed onto it

Step 1: Accessing Level Select

first of for this code to work you need to enable level select by starting the game, select no save game then choose a character. Once you have done that start the game and when the SEGA logo appears tape the letters S-E-G-A in order until you hear the ring chime, once you have done that press and hold with two fingers on the bottom half of the screen until the intro has played then the level select should appear

Step 2: Activating Debug Mode Using Sound Check

once the level select page has appeared scroll down to sound check and play these songs in order: 01,09,09,01,00,06,02,03 (Sonic 1) or 01,09,09,02,01,01,02,04 (Sonic 2) the ring noise should then play again,once you hear the ring sound scroll up and choose a level and it will take you straight to that level.

Step 3: Using Debug Mode

to use debug mode once you have selected a level tap the top left hand corner where the time, ring, and score counter is displayed this will then change your character into a ring, to search through all available objects tap the plus and minis icon at the top of the screen and to place the object tap jump and the object will appear on the level.

Step 4: Exiting Debug

to swap back to player mode just tap the top left hand corner again to play the level

and thats about it I hope you like this secret mode.

Let me know in the comments if I have left anything out and I will add it in to another instructable