Introduction: Magazine Holder

sorry about no pictures, my camera broke! So i needed a magazine rack for all my guitarplayers, and other magazines. I couldn't think of anything so i went to my favorite place for thinking, dunkin donuts i got a drink and some donuts and since its Christmas time they have thes green boxes for the donuts.
So when bringing donuts home i thought of an awesome idea. dunkin donut magazine holders. these boxes arent the regular size ones they are a bit smaller. It fits magazines perfect.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

first things first get a winter addition dunkin donut box.

second: scotch tape

third: duct tape (so people arent like "can i have a donut")

forth: magazines

Step 2: Yummm!


A. eat the donuts leizurly

B. ask workers for the boxes

C. see who can shove the most donuts down their throut without
passing out (i do not indorse this choice you chose to do it not me so i am not liable)

me i chose a and b.

Step 3: Assembly

first: clean the box thoughly.

secondly: tape the flaps on the inside (you will know what I'm talking about, this is for easyness and strength)

third: tape the box(s) inside and out with ductape but make sure you can open it easly.

fourth: put in magazines

woo hoo your done

this is my first instructable rate it please but please dont rate harsh :*( i will make better ones