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Introduction: Make Boxes From Paint Samples

This is how to create small or large boxes from paint samples. This can be used as anything from a DIY couples wedding ring box to small storage compartment. You can convert the measurements from centimeters to inches if you can find big enough samples! The samples are free and i got mine from Homebase.

Step 1: Step 1: the Base

To make the bottom box you must make a square piece of sample that is 5cm/" by 5cm/".

Next, from each corner measure across each way 1.5 cm/". (see the photo) Join up all of the marks with dotted lines, these will be your fold lines.

Then, cut a line into the inner square from one of each corners. (again, see photo!)

Finally, glue all the tabs to the inside. I used double sided sticky tape as it is neater and you can take it apart.

Step 2: Step 2: the Lid

Cut out a square that is 3cm/".

Do the same as the base but change the gap to 0.5cm/" as this is for the lid so it shouldn't be as tall.

Again make the cuts and stick it together.

And there is a little box if you use cm and big if you use ".

Please vote me for the competition as it only takes a second and you could make me very happy is i get a prize, thanks.

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