Introduction: Make Your Own Foil Monkey

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MAKE YOU OWN FOIL MONKEY!!!!!!!!!! this is my first instructable so plz don't be harsh

Step 1: Make Head

just make a ball of foil

Step 2: Start Making Ears

put toothpick through head

Step 3: Continue Making Ears

trim toothpick

Step 4: Keep Making Ears

make a 2 small balls

Step 5: Affix Ears

put small ball on end of stick

Step 6: Finish Head

put on other ball

Step 7: Skewer Head and Trim Stick

*sniggers* monkey head skewer

Step 8: Make Body

an ovalish thing. be shure not to make it to big

Step 9: Attach

attach the pieces

Step 10: Skewer

skewer body

Step 11: Make Arm

make arm

Step 12: Put on Arm

put on arm

Step 13: Finish Upper Body

put on other arm and trim

Step 14: Make Legs

follow pictures. be sure to do twice. (reapeat on other side.)

p.s. on the last pic, the tip is bended forward

Step 15: Optional Step: Make Tail

just stick toothpick in a tail-ish position and cover with foil