Introduction: Making a Pochette

I have a couple small purses - about this size of a paper back novel (or a DVD case).  They are really handy because of the small size fits the essentials - wallet, cell phone, keys and lipstick.  The pochette is big enough to be used on it's own but small enough to fit inside a large bag,   I found this fabulous gold (mostly leather) purse at the thrift store.

Step 1: Split the Strap and Set Strap Length

Using my craft knife, I cut the stiches on the strap.  I was disappointed that the strap was vinyl but was committed to this project.  I experimented with the strap and decided on a length for the handle and the zipper pull.  After the strap was split I used some double sided tape to hold the strap in place.

Step 2: Securing the Straps

Following the product instructions, I set the rivets.  I chose to set the top rivet close the opening.