Introduction: Workshop Stool From a Steel Box.

About: aircraft engineer.
The box is the shell of an old, unusable aviation pitot-static test box, made in the UK. It is about 18 inches long, a foot high and 10 inches square and made of steel......The seat base is off a kitchen chair and the cover is an old airline blanket. There are two scrap marine ply battens, to go under the seat base. To build, you need a staple gun and half-inch staples and a tube of TEC-7 or equivalent and some fabric tape...........I cut out a big enough piece of the old blanket with about a two-inch overlap and stapled it to the seat base, keeping it tight as I went around. I also applied some fabric tape to tidy up the cut edges of the fabric cover, more for appearance than anything else. I then glued the two battens to the top of the box. Here, I did make the mistake of not cutting away the black fabric at the bottom of the seat base to allow a clear join for the seat base wood and the battens. Again, I used TEC-7 to join them. The result is a simple, sturdy seat that adds a bit of colour to the workshop.