Introduction: Knex Master Sword (mine Is Colorful)

About: I like knex stuff and loz (legend of zelda), that's all you need to know

this is my ocarina of time master sword. I don't have many peices so it is a little colorful. I created the handle & hilt, credit for the blade goes to mepain.

Step 1: The Handle (good Color)


8 blue 3D

16 puple/grey 3D

19 yellow (I used grey on the hilt for looks)


2 red

2 blue

8 white

16 green

Again this is my original handle. Follow the pics.

1) finised product

2) hilt

3) make 2

4) make 1

5) handle: make 1 (13 yellows)

will be attached later

Step 2: Blade (very Colorful)


18 blue 3D/white circle

20 yellow/grey

2 green

1 red


10 blue

60 white

2 green

follow the pictures

1) finished

2) make 1

3) make 9

4) conect

(I ran out of blue)

Step 3: Finish (yay)

follow Pics.

1) done

2-3) easiest if you take of white rods at base of blade first

4) attach carefuly at all four points

5) YAY!!! you did it.

(1 more step keep going)

Step 4: Usage Tips (so You Don't Break It :D)

put two fingers in holes at base of blade then grip handle

Do Not Hit People Or Objects.

this sword is built to slay evil. not trees, or siblings :D.
If you hit something with it Link will hunt you down and slay you.