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  • Happe Hippo commented on HackerBoxes's instructable HackerBox 0050
    HackerBox 0050

    Your supposed to keep the pins down not just press them. Make sure your COM port is correct. Make sure the wires on the CP2102 are correct. Remember RX on one board goes to TX on the CP2102. Sorry if I'm being too obvious.

    I had everything working up to and including the pre-test. But when I loaded the TFT sketches in, all I get is a white screen. :(

    Determine which pins aren't working on the pre-test. Go back to the ESP32 board schematic and see if the solder connection is good for those pins. Look at the pins under magnification.

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  • HackerBox 0048: SIMSAT

    I waited for 10 minutes to get the GPS to connect. It didn't - light stayed red. I pulled the antenna off to check the connection. Antenna connection came off board. Nice. Is there a trick to getting these on and off? Anyway, that is that and the stuff is in the trash now.

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  • HackerBox 0039: Level Up

    After putting all the binding posts in, I realized they don't accept banana plugs. Why bother?

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  • HackerBox 0047: Old School

    How dare you assume that I have a PS/2 keyboard and a VGA monitor! Well, I do :)You weren't kidding about the pins on the VGA connector. I used a female header to bend all the pins in a row at the same time. Then, as I was pushing the connector into the PC board, I gently wiggled it around at the same time. Took uncharacteristic patience from me. I soldered female headers on the PC board for the NANOs so that I may take them out and use them again someday. It seems like it was a good thing I did that because I found that I couldn't get either NANO script to upload or to work properly when they were plugged in together. Everything worked great when they were plugged in separately.

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  • HackerBox 0037: WaveRunner

    Buzzing on both sides. Replaced both LM386M82 with LM386N-1. Works OK, although it isn't as loud and as clear as I hoped. Late response, I know. I've been getting these hackerboxes for a long time but just catching up on looking at them.

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  • I finished the LED sequencer. Want to know what is supposed to happen. If I turn off and on 5 V, the red LEDs light in sequence (for the most part), which was described by the tutorial. What is the purpose of the two jumpers? And how are the blue LEDs supposed to light? I was hoping I'd plug it into 5 V and the sequencing would happen by itself. Those LEDs are brighter than I thought they'd be, btw. Maybe the blue LEDs and the middle LED don't light because of my skills. Also, I assumed the polarity of the middle LED was the same as the adjacent diodes - is that right?

    Also, as some constructive criticism, it'd be nice if the people from HackerBox could have pointed to some instructions/specs for the actual part that they provided. I wasn't able to find anything on that part on the web. Maybe they should have picked a part where more documentation is available. I know I'm not supposed to sweat it, but if I take the time to make something, I like to know if it works right (and how to work it). Possible OCD kicking in? I also know that it is supposed to be part of the adventure, but ... Also, regarding the Pi Zero W, it's a nice small package and it worked fine but I like the Pi 3 better. This was my first Hackerbox. I am an old chemical engineer trying to make sense of this sorcery that is electronics.

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