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I've built some weird stuff over the years, but most of that stuff has remained unseen by the world outside of me and a few friends. But then one day, one of these friends, he says to me, "Hey Jack, you should take some pictures of that weird stuff you're building all the time, and uh, I don't know, like, put those pictures on the internet or something..."


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  • Coiled Newspaper Flower Pots

    I finally found a copy of the label, for a bottle of Paper Mod Podge (r) Gloss, and I will share this with the rest of the class, by attaching it to this post. This is the 8 floz size bottle, with UPC 0-28995-11201-0. I had to do terrible things to get a copy of this document. ;-) However, reading the text of the label confirms what I suspected; i.e. the text on the bottle does NOT contain a list of ingredients.Although I found the smell and color, of the 'Podge itself, to be very similar to the smell and color of white glue.

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  • Exercise Your Mind ( Steps & Tips )

    Well, I am impressed by this. A lot of people daydream about self-improvement, but that is the extent of their efforts. Only a much smaller subset, of those who daydream, take action, and actually succeed in achieving these goals.This looks like some good advice too, especially in regard to sleeping and eating habits.By the way, I noticed this instructable, because you mentioned it in the forum, here,

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