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  • Computer science student here. I have to second NoahE11's opinion. Windows speech recognition does not count as AI. AI is by definition a computer system, a bunch of code that learns as it goes.

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  • Yes, mihc dangc, but that is besides the point. I speak of the long term usage and power consumption. And well, you might be right, so I will go along with it, bus as you have deduced, I was referring to a use of a backlight keyboard, so thanks for correcting me..

    Excuse me, but have you given a thought to the matter that calling me a ''merely an IT student'' would hurt my fellings. Not to be a crybaby or anything, cause Im not, but I have some pride about being a future IT guy, so don't downgrade my proffesion by comparing it to a proffesion of a slightly different field of work and a different paygrade.thank you

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  • I am an IT student and as a computer technician in the making I can assure you that a wireless R/F receiver takes far less power than a wired keyboard, since the wired has the lights and stuff and the keyboard and Pi are (in the case of this instructable) both powered from the same power source. If you think otherwise, I challenge you to find a reliable proof and present it (I am not trying to be offensive or anything) if you can that is.

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  • Well, this is really not the most practical. but I won't judge since I made even more bizzare things already. What bugs me about this project is the use of a normal cable keyboard. There might be some angy faces staring at this comment later, but I think using a wireless keyboard would be much more energy efficient, since RasPi would have it's own power and the keyboard would have it's own power. But as I said, otherwise, an interesting project. Its a good idea for s Pi server as said before. Would definetly make one if I had time :)

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