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  • Simple Delicous Turkey Legs

    I apologize that this is 5 months late, my email provider changed and I completely forgot to update my instructables (as you might imagine seeing as I have only ever posted 1....) Yes this recipe will work, however I suggest you double the listed seasoning recipe and just generously season them on both sides. save whatever you have left for chicken, burgers, and or even certain cuts of fish; or just throw it out as I don't imagine you'd have to much left over. My only other suggestion would be to use a food thermometer to be certain your turkey is fully cooked as the times listed here may or may not be suitable for that size (I lean towards the idea they will be cooked but better safe than sorry)

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  • Respectfully ive made this or very similar variants of my recipe for years and i never have had an issue getting the browning that I show in the picture. I personally use water to help cook with steam which in my experience helps the drumsticks not dry out and you dont have to be concerned if its going to be fully cooked when yoi cool it this long of a time especially for those of us without a thermometer. :) in any case while I disagree thank you for the comment feedback is appreciated

    If you make and end up enjoying this recipe let me know :) hope it all comes out well

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  • Hi Dreamingfree im honored to have authored this simple recipe that so many have enjoyed, and what has become the best you've eaten. I hope you had a merry christmas, and a soon to be happy new year.

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