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Hello, my name is Sudarshan Sreeram and I study in the 10th grade. I have a passion for creating 3D models, playing video games, saving the environment, and I love to build circuits using micro-controllers such as the Arduino and the Texas Instruments Tiva-C Launchpad. I use the 3D modelling software "Blender" to create my 3D models and I have 2 years of experience using this software. I play my video games on my Xbox one, Play Station 3, and Play Station Vita. I am a part of the envi…


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  • Update: It has been nearly four years since I updated this instructable. Again, I have a lot of information to share with this awesome community! I'm waiting for a stable release of Blender 3D 2.8, which is the latest from the geniuses at the Blender organization. I have already started to work on the updated draft, and I look forward to pushing out this update around a few weeks after the public release of 2.8. Thanks to those who have liked this instructable and learned something about 3D modeling through it. I really appreciate it!

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  • Thanks a lot! That render looks awesome! I'm going to be updating this instructable in another month or so.... I have learned so much more after creating this instructable and I cant wait to share it with you guys. The upcoming instructable is of much higher quality and has support for Windows and Linux (as requested).

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  • Wow! This is really good...

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